Lab Management Deploy TFS Build Process Process Template for Physical Environments

imageWith the Lab Management features of Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010, you can create a build definition that deploys a build to a virtual environment being managed by Lab Management.   However, it doesn’t work if you have setup a physical environment that is being managed by Lab Management.

FYI – If you don’t have servers to host Hyper-V machines you can create “physical environments” and register them for use with Lab Management.  This allows testers to run tests and collect information coming from those physical environments just as they would from the virtual environments.  This is a good intermediate step for those organizations wanting to take advantage of Lab Management, haven’t invested in the virtual infrastructure necessary, and want to leverage existing physical environments (like QA, DEV, Staging, etc.).

Darshan, from the Lab Management product team at Microsoft, released a new build process template (XAML) file that adds limited support for deploying to physical environments and is similar to the standard deploy build process template available out of the box.  However, there are some shortcomings in that implementation including not being as rich of an experience since it doesn’t use a custom designer.

Not a problem… Colin Dembovsky who is one of our newer ALM/TFS Consultants at Notion Solutions helping customers in South Africa has put together a Lab Management deploy build process template for physical environments that attempts to address those shortcomings and provides for a rich experience that is similar to the experience that is used for deploying to virtual environments.

Check it out!


Ed Blankenship

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