Draining the Blog Topic Backlog

It’s been pretty quiet around this blog for quite some time now.  Just been busy traveling to TechEd North America and back to our office in New Jersey.  Lots going on!  However, no one ever has enough time to get everything done :)

I’m going to be a little more demanding on myself to get through my blog topic backlog that I’ve been keeping for a while.  I think I’m up to 19 at the moment so I need to get it flushed out!  I keep a list alongside my To-Do list in OneNote about different topics that I come across that I blog about.  Usually they are from problems that I see day to day that other people probably will want to solve at some point (I always archive the screenshots so I can use them in my blog posts later.)  Other topics that end up on the list are in response to something I’ve done while traveling.  For example, Martin Woodward and I had the chance to record a Radio TFS episode (not yet aired) where we talked about our implementation of Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System at Infragistics.  I think it was a great session and definitely looking forward to it getting out in the wild.  There were a few topics that we talked of stumbles we’ve encountered over the last two years and how we ended up solving them.  The goal for us was to get those out in the public since others may be experiencing the same hurdles and looking for resources on how to solve them.  It’s more along the lines of “hey, here’s our story so you can learn from our mistakes.”  I hope you find them useful.  On this blog, I’ll start talking about some of those points that we brought up in more detail since the radio show has to be reduced to a reasonable amount of time :)  Some of the stuff we talked about was just down-right cool!  More details to come…


So, dear reader, I am pledging to you to get through my current blog topic backlog by the end of June.  Let me know if you would like me to write about anything in particular!


Take care,

Ed B.


P.S.  I cross-post between my Infragistics Blog and my personal blog.  Some posts don’t end up on my Infragistics Blog site so be sure to check http://www.edsquared.com/ from time to time where my long-time colleague Ed Kisinger and I blog.  If you’d like to subscribe to that feed, the RSS address is:  RSS for Posts

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