Moved Web Hosting to ORCS Web

I apologize to everyone who experienced intermittent availability problems with my blog site for the past few months.  They ended up showing up whenever ASP.NET 4 was installed on the shared hosting server that I had over at Server Intellect.  I wasn’t ever able to figure out the root cause of it but really looking forward to a native ASP.NET 4 compatible build of dasBlog soon.

Anyhow, I’ve switched everything over to ORCS Web and thankfully I haven’t seen any of the recurring issues that I used to!  The servers even have ASP.NET 4 installed on them so I’m really not sure what was going on.  I do know that the ORCS Web team was extremely helpful during the transition and were super responsive anytime I had a support request.  If you are looking for a web hosting provider, you should consider ORCS Web.  Looks like they are a Microsoft WebsiteSpark provider.  They are even based pretty close in Charlotte, NC!

Again, I apologize for intermittent downtime of posts and please let me know if you happen to see any issues going forward.


Ed Blankenship

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