First Release of Community TFS Build Extensions

Wow – I’ve been seeing the discussions in the last few weeks from the team members but I’m happy to announce that they have done a great job and released the first release of the Community TFS Build Extensions on CodePlex!  There have been several months of effort put into putting this collection together and you’ll see some of the best contributors that are available.   You’ll find all sorts of custom build activities and there are many more included on the backlog.  Be sure to vote for you favorite.  The best part of this CodePlex project is that the source code is fully available for your use internally.

Release Notes

  • This is our first Stable release providing in the region of 100 Activities / Actions
  • This release contains assemblies and a CHM file.
  • We anticipate shipping every 2 to 3 months with ad-hoc updates provided to the documentation.
  • We welcome your candid and constructive feedback and look forward to improving the quality with and for you.
  • Please use the Discussion and Issue Tracker tabs for providing feedback.

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have also released a set of guidance documents for customizing builds in TFS 2010 including the use of the Community TFS Build Extensions.  Check out more details here:

If you are looking for a book with information about how to customize build definitions, check out Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 as well which goes through one example which uses an activity from the Community TFS Build Extensions to stamp the version number on assemblies.


Ed Blankenship

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