Replacing Compare and Diff Tools for TFS Version Control

Even though the TFS product team is planning to completely replace the awful source compare experience in the next version of TFS, I need something for use with prior versions of Visual Studio including Visual Studio 2010.  The new version inside of Visual Studio 11 is pretty awesome.  I have actually decided on Code Compare Pro by Devart for my legacy versions.  They have both a free version and a Pro version that includes a 30-day trial.

During the installation, you can specify whether you want to integrate Code Compare with the TFS tools and when you do that, it adds the relevant settings automatically to your Visual Studio options for TFS Version Control.  That’s classy and a nice touch for the installer.  BTW – this is the exact way you would do this manually if you have a different compare tool that you like better.  There are plenty out there…

Code Compare Options Set for Compare and Merge in TFS for Visual Studio Options Dialog

This now allows you to use your new specified tool anytime you would do a compare or merge operation even from the Windows Explorer Shell Extensions plug-in from the TFS Power Tools.  It will even allow for a three-way merge & diff experience which can be quite helpful at times if you are in need of it.

Code Compare Pro Compare Diff with TFS Version Control

Ed Blankenship

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