TFS 2010 Branching Guidance

Thanks to the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, we have a new release of the TFS Branching Guidance!  Think of it like TFS Branching Guidance 3.0… it was developed specifically for TFS 2010 including tidbits on best practices using all of the new branching & merging hierarchy and visualizing change features.

I often talk about branching & merging strategies with my clients and it’s always great to have some diagrams and content to go back to and leave with them so that they can delve into Configuration Management a little more.

TFS 2010 Branch Hierarchy Visualization TFS 2010 Tracking Changes Merge Visualization

Head on over to their CodePlex site:

Project Description
The purpose of this project is to build some insightful and practical guidance around branching and merging with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. The new release focuses on Hands on Labs and includes lots of lessons learnt from the community Q&A.
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Branching Guide 2010
Branching and merging of software is a very large topic. It is an area where there is a lot of maturity in the software industry. This Ranger solution focuses on applied and practical examples of branching that you can use right now. The 2010 release includes discussions around branching concepts and strategies but also focuses on practical hands-on labs.
Visual Studio ALM Rangers
This guidance is created by the Rangers who have the mission to provide out of band solutions for missing features or guidance. This content was created with support from Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) and technical specialists from technology communities around the globe, giving you a real-world view from the field, where the technology has been tested and used.
What is in the package?
The content is packaged in 8 separate zip files to give you the choice of selective downloads but the default download is the TFS_Branching_Guide_2010_Complete_Package_v1 if you are interested in all parts.

  • --> Start here
  • TFS_Branching_Guide_Q&
  • TFS_Branching_Guide_2010_Complete_Package_v1
Bill Heys, James Pickell, Willy-Peter Schaub, Bijan Javidi, Oliver Hilgers, Bob Jacobs, Sin Min Lee, Neno Loje, Mathias Olausson, Matt Velloso
How to submit new ideas?
The recommended method is to simply post ideas to the community or to contact the Rangers at

Ed Blankenship

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 10:50:44 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
My company has a specific setup for our web application and I am not sure if and how branching would work for us. We have a dev environment where we make our changes. This gets migrated to a unit testing environment. Once all the testing is done here, it is passed to the QA environment for testing. Once QA is done it is sent to the user-acceptance environment for testing. Once that is done, it is pushed to production. Each environment uses a different database and web services. I am not sure how I would do branching, for this, as we do a production build about every 2 weeks. Any idea what branching plan would work for us?
Brian Wilson
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 11:06:22 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
Without knowing a lot more details about how things work, I don't think I could provided a generic set of advice that would work out for your team. :( I would suggest hiring an ALM Consultant (like from Imaginet or Notion Solutions) to help you with what branching & release management plan would work out for your company and particularly the application you are managing. Feel free to contact me using the "Contact Us" link about and I can get you some more details.

Take care!
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