Milestone: Microsoft Developer Division and TFS 2010 Build

For quite a while, the Developer Division at Microsoft continued to use their internal build systems to build Visual Studio.  TFS Build had only been used by certain teams within the division but not standard across the division.  I had the opportunity to visit one of the huge build labs last time I was in Redmond and it’s impressive.  It was just one of them too. Smile  I really got an appreciation for the complexity that was involved in building .NET, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server.   We’re talking huge builds that take up a lot of time.

Brian Harry just mentioned that they had hit a huge milestone for the division during their MQ phase and have gotten a build to run through the TFS 2010 Build system!  Sounds like they still have some work to go to get it tuned but getting a Visual Studio build through TFS Build is huge accomplishment!  Looks like they have even taken some of the experiences they gathered and already integrated improvements into the next version of the product.  That just benefits all of us as customers whenever Microsoft is eating their own dogfood. 



Ed Blankenship

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