Displaying Release Status Dashboard Information Around Office Using Ethernet

I just noticed an interesting product that I could see used for those folks wanting to shine some light and transparency with their release status around the office.  You can use one of the many third-party products that show a “dashboard” of information, like TeamPulse or the TFS Project Dashboard,  from Team Foundation Server or you can always roll your own.  However, in several office layouts, I have always found it awkward to get a computer situated near enough the high traffic areas.  I didn’t realize it but they actually make VGA extenders that allow you to push a monitor signal across your Ethernet infrastructure (CAT5 or CAT6) up to 490 feet!  This particular one even splits the VGA and audio signals so that you can have two monitors with a duplicate signal at the receiving end.  Neat.


VGA Extender across Ethernet CAT5 or CAT6   Telerik TFS Project Dashboard


I’m wondering if you could couple it with a huge multi-touch monitor and then have an awesome Scrum or Kanban board?


Ed Blankenship

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