Multiple Localized Team System Web Access Sites

So here at Infragistics we're truly a global company now which makes life as a TFS Administrator very "interesting" for sure!  Everyone is working around the clock and things can go wrong pretty much 24-7.  Oh well - I'm used to it already :)


If you didn't know, last week Microsoft announced that all of the localized versions of Team System Web Access (TSWA) had been finished and available for download.  This was great because we needed a couple of them for internal use. The only problem I found was that you can't install more than one version of TSWA on the same machine.  That's no fun :(


Thankfully Hakan came to my rescue and gave me a few steps to try and they definitely worked out for me.  I did everything on a separate virtual machine, gathered all of the files I needed, and then copied them to the TSWA web server. 

Disclaimer:  If you're going to follow the steps be mindful that this is completely unsupported by Microsoft.

  1. Install <localized version>
  2. Copy the files to C:\TSWA\<localized version code>
  3. Uninstall <localized version>
  4. (Repeat for all languages)
  5. Manually create web sites in IIS to point to each of the different languages
    • Make sure each TSWA instance uses a different IIS AppPool
    • Make sure each TSWA instance points to a different cachedir


There you go!  Also, it might be helpful to use host headers to help users out with discovering their localized versions of TSWA.  This allows you to use port 80 as well instead of the usual default of 8090.  For example:

  • English - tfsweb.[your domain]
  • Japanese - tfsweb-jp.[your domain]
  • German - tfsweb-de.[your domain]
  • etc.


Ed B.

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Visual Studio Team System Web Access Available

Formerly known as Teamplain Web Access for Team System, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Web Access has been released and freely available as a download to licensed customers of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.  Microsoft recently purchased devBiz and is offering their former product for free as a Power Tool.  At some point I'm sure they will bake into the main product but for now, it's a great value-add to the TFS product line.

It's really a great tool for you to use if you don't feel like installing a lightweight version of Visual Studio for users who really don't need all of it.  It reproduces pretty much everything that you could do in Team Explorer but in a nice web application.  I'd say It's nice to have even as a developer!


Ed B.

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