When Will Microsoft Test Manager and Testing Tools Support Silverlight?

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 Boxsilverlight_logoA lot of people have been asking about whether the new Coded UI automated testing & Microsoft Test Manager test runner features would support Silverlight and I haven’t really had a good answer for them other than “not at 2010 RTM.”  There’s been a ton of reasons why that wasn’t the case but thankfully we received a little more information about timeline for that type of support.  We were also able to make this information available publicly so check out the raw info coming in below.  Notice my particular emphasis added around the release mechanism that was mentioned.

Whenever we talk about platform coverage for UI automation one of the frequent requests is support for Silverlight app testing. We have been hard at work trying to cater to this need and I wanted to update you all on where we are with this effort and provide a roadmap.

We are working on adding support for Silverlight controls for “Fast forward for manual testing” and “Coded UI Tests”. The focus is on line-of-business applications built with Silverlight 4 for both in-browser and on the desktop. The initial investigation is in progress and we are working with the Silverlight team to close on the overall design. We are planning to release a CTP version of a plug-in by Q2CY2010. This will be delivered out of band to active MSDN subscribers (Visual Studio Test Professional or Visual Studio Ultimate) customers only. […]

- Ram Cherala, Visual Studio Team Test Product Team

Make sure you have active MSDN subscriptions if you want to get out of band value from the product teams.  Anyone have any questions?

Ed Blankenship

Technical Editor for New Silverlight 3 Book Released!

There’s a new book that I was able to contribute to as a Technical Editor that was released.  Following the Silverlight 3 official RTW release, you might want to hop in quickly and start learning about all of the awesome new stuff available.  I knew each of the authors personally and you’ll enjoy reading & working through all of the examples in the book.  Have fun!

Disclaimer:  That’s my personal opinion.  I don’t receive any royalties off of the book sales.


Ed Blankenship