Project Server 2010 and TFS 2010 Integration VM with Labs

I’m pretty excited that a new virtual machine is now available that has everything you need to start working with the integration between Project Server 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1.  A lot of work by a good group of people has gone in to get this VM out and now it should be super easy to learn & play with the integration.  Not only is everything setup and configured already (which is half the battle when trying out new things) but you also get:

  • Four hands on labs that walk through the main scenarios that are supported by the integration.
    • One of them that is particular interesting is how to give visibility to the Project Management Office (PMO) when you have development teams practicing one of the many Agile methodologies.  Those two concepts can come at odds with one another and I think the integration plays nicely with that scenario if your company finds itself in this position.
  • Tons of sample active directory users that are available in both Team Foundation Server and the Project Server Enterprise Resource Pool that allow you to setup lots of different scenarios.
  • Sample data, team projects, and enterprise project plans to get you started.

If you are interested more about this topic and are attending TechEd North America, be sure to catch our talk: Application Lifecycle Management: Microsoft Project Server 2010 and Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, Better Together

Both Brian Keller and Christophe Fiessinger have some additional information available on their blogs:

Project Server TFS Integration Topology


Virtual Machine Download Details


Download for the Virtual Machine

Project Server TFS Integration VM Download - Microsoft Tag

Here’s some other resources if you are interesting in learning more:


Have fun!

Ed Blankenship

Speaking at TechEd North America 2011 - TFS and Project Server ALM Integration

Really excited to announce that Christophe Fiessinger and I will be speaking at TechEd North America 2011 about the new ALM integration between Team Foundation Server and Project Server!  Here is the session details so be sure to add it to your conference schedule


OSP203 Application Lifecycle Management: Microsoft Project Server 2010 and Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, Better Together

Session Type:  Breakout Session

Level:  200 – Intermediate

Track:  Office & SharePoint

Speakers:  Christophe Fiessinger, Ed Blankenship

The Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration Feature Pack further strengthens the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management Solution by bridging the gap between Project Portfolio Management and Application Development. By bringing the best of these two worlds together, it creates a win-win situation that enables developers and project managers to use the tools and processes of their choice and collaborate at the granularity they desire. Bi-directional data synchronization between Team Foundation Server and Project Server allows the PMO and Development teams to share project information transparently and provide management with insight into resource utilization, portfolio execution and alignment with strategic objectives. This session provides an overview and demonstrates the Team Foundation Server and Project Server Integration feature pack.

Product/Technology:  Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server

Key Learning:  How to bridge the gap between agil/scrum and waterfall teams by facilitating better coordination


Ed Blankenship

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