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I am really pleased to announce that we have finished our new book for Team Foundation Server 2010! I really want to thank all of the authors (Martin Woodward, Grant Holliday, and Brian Keller) as well as all of the technical editors (Mickey Gousset and Steve St. Jean) for all of their hard work that was put into this book over the past ten months. I also wanted to thank Brian Harry for his help by writing a great foreword for the book. We would love for you to get a copy and let us know what you think! It’s really not so much for the royalties but more to let our publisher know that you are interested in future books about Team Foundation Server.

I have some additional information below about the book and I’ll come back and update this blog post as I get even more information.

ISBN: 978-0470943328



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Promotional Code

Web commerce_40percent_64 We are also pretty excited to announce that Wiley has put together a promo code that will allow you to order either the printed copy or the DRM-free PDF copy of the book for 40% off. Here are the details for that promo code: To purchase, call 1-877-762-2974 and mention promo code WPTFS, or go to ( and upon checkout, enter WPTFS in the Promotion Code field. Click the “apply discount” button and finish the checkout process. Offer valid until May 31st, 2011.

Source Code Downloads

We have put together a source code download package and it is available from here:,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html

Sample Chapters

Wrox will have two chapters available to download for free.

Book Description

Authoritative guide to TFS 2010 from a dream team of Microsoft insiders and MVPs!

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) has evolved until it is now an essential tool for Microsoft s Application Lifestyle Management suite of productivity tools, enabling collaboration within and among software development teams. By 2011, TFS will replace Microsoft s leading source control system, Visual SourceSafe (VSS), resulting in an even greater demand for information about it. Professional Team Foundation Server 2010, written by an accomplished team of Microsoft insiders and Microsoft MVPs, provides the thorough, step-by-step instruction you need to use TFS 2010 efficiently so you can more effectively manage and deliver software products in an enterprise.

  • Provides a broad overview of Team Foundation Server for developers, software project managers, testers, business analysts, and others wanting to learn how to use TFS
  • Gives TFS administrators the tools they need to efficiently monitor and manage the TFS environment
  • Covers core TFS functions including project management, work item tracking, version control, test case management, build automation, reporting, and more
  • Explains extensibility options and how to write extensions for TFS 2010
  • Helps certification candidates prepare for the Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 certification exam (Exam 70-512)

The clear, programmer-to-programmer Wrox style of Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 will soon have you thoroughly up to speed.


  • Ed Blankenship is an ALM consultant with Notion Solutions and the Microsoft MVP of the Year (Visual Studio ALM & Team Foundation Server)
  • Martin Woodward is a program manager on the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server product team and a former Microsoft MVP of the Year (Visual Studio Team System & Team Foundation Server)
  • Grant Holliday is a program manager on the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server product team and a former Microsoft MVP (Visual Studio Team System & Team Foundation Server)
  • Brian Keller is a senior technical evangelist for Microsoft, specializing in Visual Studio, ALM, and Team Foundation Server

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Brian Harry
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Getting Started
    • Chapter 1: Introducing Team Foundation Server 2010
    • Chapter 2: Planning a Deployment
    • Chapter 3: Installation and Configuration
    • Chapter 4: Connecting to Team Foundation Server
  • Part II: Version Control
    • Chapter 5: Overview of Version Control
    • Chapter 6: Using Team Foundation Version Control
    • Chapter 7: Ensuring Code Quality
    • Chapter 8: Migration from Legacy Version Control Systems
    • Chapter 9: Branching and Merging
    • Chapter 10: Common Version Control Scenarios
  • Part III: Project Management
    • Chapter 11: Introducing Work Item Tracking
    • Chapter 12: Customizing Process Templates
    • Chapter 13: Reporting and SharePoint Dashboards
  • Part IV: Team Foundation Build
    • Chapter 14: Overview of Build Automation
    • Chapter 15: Using Team Foundation Build
    • Chapter 16: Customizing the Build Process
  • Part V: Administration
    • Chapter 17: Introduction to Team Foundation Server Administration
    • Chapter 18: Scalability and High Availability
    • Chapter 19: Disaster Recovery
    • Chapter 20: Security and Privileges
    • Chapter 21: Monitoring Server Health and Performance
    • Chapter 22: Testing and Lab Management
    • Chapter 23: Upgrading from Earlier Versions
    • Chapter 24: Working with Geographically Distributed Teams
    • Chapter 25: Extending Team Foundation Server

Bulk Orders

If you are purchasing in bulk, feel free to contact me using the Contact Me link on my blog and I can get you the details for purchasing bulk orders directly from Wiley.

Ed Blankenship

Raffle for Two MSDN Subscriptions with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate at Charleston Bar Camp

Charleston Bar Camp Logo

Earlier this year following the Visual Studio 2010 release, I got a great package from Microsoft (MVP Program and Visual Studio Product Team) that included some complimentary Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Subscription activation cards to give away.  I hadn’t found the right opportunity but this Saturday I will be attending (and have submitted a session proposal) the Charleston Bar Camp.  This should be a very interesting experience since it will be my first bar camp.  Anyhow, I have been looking for ways to contribute and foster our local software development community in Charleston and decided I would like to give two MSDN subscriptions out during the event.

What is Included?

Two winners will receive a prize package that contains:

Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010 Book Cover

One (1) copy of Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010 by Wrox



One (1) MSDN Subscription with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (Not for Resale) Includes:

· Team Foundation Server 2010

· SQL Server 2008 R2

· Windows 7

· Windows Server 2008 R2

· Office 2010

· Office 2011 for Mac

· One-year of updates

Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 Book Cover

One (1) copy of Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 by Wrox

(When Released)



 Total Retail Value for Prize Packages: $24,007.96


Option 1 - Lab Management Session Attendees

Attendees to the Virtual Lab Management with Team Foundation Server 2010 session (if selected and scheduled) will have an opportunity to win one of the prize packages. Bring a business card with your name, company/occupation, city, e-mail address, and Twitter account. One lucky winner will be selected from the submitted business cards after the session has completed.


Option 2 - All Bar Camp Charleston Attendees

On the back of this page, write your “pitch” for why you think you should win one of the prize packages and what you would do with it if you were to win. The best pitch, as determined by the judge(s) will be selected to win the prize package. Bonus points are given for impactful local projects, giving back to the local developer community, or volunteering time & talents for a local non-profit organization.


Good luck!

Download Flyer


MSDN Subscriptions donated by the Microsoft MVP Program, Visual Studio Product Team, and...


Ed Blankenship

Microsoft MVP of the Year, Visual Studio ALM
Co-Author, Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 by Wrox


Application Lifecycle Management & Team Foundation Server Consultant
Notion Solutions

Twitter: @EdBlankenship


Book Review for Wrox Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010

During the first week of April, a little package was sitting on my front porch with the first book to be released on the Visual Studio 2010 release that deals with the new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) features.  For those of you who don’t know, this essentially means the former “Team System” line of products as we were exposed to it in the 2005 and 2008 releases.  Although the entire Visual Studio suite of products is considered something that helps you with ALM, the book primarily focused on Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Visual Studio 2010 Test Professional, Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management, and Team Foundation Server 2010.  During the Introduction, I even appreciated how the authors discussed about “where Team System went.”  It’s the best explanation of the branding change that I’ve seen to date.

I was extremely excited to start immediately reading the book.  Even though I have been closely involved with the 2010 release as a Microsoft MVP, when I started to read this book my goal was to be exposed deeper in the feature set being introduced in the 2010 release.

At the time of writing this blog post, the book was selling for $34.64 at Amazon.  The suggested retail price is $54.99.  It is currently #7 in the Software Development books category!


If you are new to the ALM features in Visual Studio, I felt this book really offered you the ability to get the high-level overview of all of those features.  It’s essentially similar to a “survey” course that you would have taken in college.   It’s 696 pages that ends up going through all of the Visual Studio client and server features at just the right level of detail. There were even some areas that I felt that I learned more about and hadn’t been exposed to heavily in the past.

The architecture features were something that I had hoped to learn the most from.  They have just never been something that I dived into great detail during the 2010 release cycle.   All of the new UML diagrams that are available including the new architecture features like Use Case, Activity, Sequence, Component, Class, Dependency, and Layer Diagrams.  There was a also a great introduction to the Architecture Explorer.

The testing features have really been what has made up a majority of the Visual Studio 2010 release and the book definitely reflects that.  Going through the testing features, I really felt like I understood the end to end story.  It felt very rounded out!  These chapters are where I picked up a majority of the nuggets of information.  I can’t tell you how many times I said “wow, I didn’t know you could do that.”  I also feel like this is a great place to pick up some introductory knowledge about how Visual Studio Team Lab Management fits into the ALM story.  I also kept thinking how great this book would be for the testers on your team that are new to the Microsoft testing platform and Team Foundation Server.

There are so many changes to TFS, I can’t even begin to start describing them.  Thankfully, the book did a great job.  Especially with the revamp of Team Build to use Windows Workflow Foundation.  You can even download the Team Build chapter from the book for free here:  Team Foundation Build.  Other than automated builds, you’ll get a good pass by all of the rest of the new TFS 2010 features and architecture/topology changes.

There was a whole chapter dedicated to debugging with IntelliTrace!  That’s awesome.  I’m very much a fan of IntelliTrace and think that will truly change the way you develop.


I have been hoping to have a book available out there that really only discusses TFS.  The book definitely has a few chapters available on TFS and spends a good amount of time but that discussion is not the nitty gritty that I think some readers out there are really looking for.  With that said, I don’t think this book was positioned for the “TFS Administrator” exclusively.  Again, I really think this is a survey-level review of the entire ALM stack of features for Visual Studio.  That doesn’t allow you to go into the depths of any particular product.  There currently isn’t a book available for TFS 2010 with the level of detail that I am sure some readers out there are hoping for.  We’ll see what happens in the months to come…

My next criticism isn’t so much for the content of the book as what is media choices are available.  I own a Kindle DX and I imagine a few other techies in the world have some type of eBook reader as well.  I was hoping to have a CD that contained a DRM-free PDF that I could copy over to my Kindle DX whenever I’m traveling and need a quick resource for reference.  Wrox certainly does allow you to get a PDF of books but you have to order them separately even if you had purchased the hard copy.

Finally, the only other thing that I noticed was in that chapter about IntelliTrace (see above) there wasn’t a mention of Symbol & Source Server.  I couldn’t believe it.  There is definitely a discussion later in the book about Team Build’s integration with Symbol & Source server but I was hoping to have seen some more detail in the IntelliTrace chapter about the importance of having them setup for your organization.  You’ll want to put two and two together.


Now that I’m finished scrounging from the bottom of the barrel to find some criticisms… :)

My Recommendation

Hands down, get this book.  I think it’s well worth it.   I know each of the authors and it really looks like they put a tremendous amount of effort into writing the book.  The topics are really presented well and at the right level of detail for someone really wanting a crash course in all of the Visual Studio ALM features.  I can’t even tell you how many new nuggets of information that I ran across of things that I didn’t even realize were in the product.

It certainly gets my stamp of approval! :)  Kudos to the authors.


Very respectfully,

Ed Blankenship

Microsoft MVP of the Year, Visual Studio ALM and Team Foundation Server

Technical Editor for New Silverlight 3 Book Released!

There’s a new book that I was able to contribute to as a Technical Editor that was released.  Following the Silverlight 3 official RTW release, you might want to hop in quickly and start learning about all of the awesome new stuff available.  I knew each of the authors personally and you’ll enjoy reading & working through all of the examples in the book.  Have fun!

Disclaimer:  That’s my personal opinion.  I don’t receive any royalties off of the book sales.


Ed Blankenship

New Visual Studio Extensibility Book Available

There is a new book about VSX out from Wrox called “Professional Visual Studio Extensibility” and looks pretty promising if you are first starting out to learn add-ins and VSPackages.  It's actually the first one that I've seen get released so I hope it does well.  VSX is a topic that I have a keen interest in.

  • A quick overview of Visual Studio Shell and Domain-Specific Languages Tools
  • Techniques for creating, debugging, testing, and deploying your add-ins
  • Ways to work with user interface elements, Windows Forms, and controls via code in your add-ins
  • Steps for extending Visual Studio functionality using VSPackages
  • Tips for writing and managing code snippets to make your coding process easier
  • Using Visual Studio templates to save time when writing code for common projects
  • How to use MSBuild to write custom builds for Visual Studio and .NET applications
  • New techniques for recording, developing, debugging, deploying, and running macros


Ed B.

Book Review - Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed

Right now there are limited training resources for learning WPF and pretty much a non-existence of proven patterns and practices.  All of these assets will eventually come to the developer community as more people adopt the technology.  For right now, I would recommend this book for learning and as a keeper for a decent reference book.

Title: Windows Presentation Foundation UnleashedWindows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF) (Unleashed)
Author(s):  Adam Nathan
ISBN-10: 0672328917
ISBN-13: 978-0672328917
Publisher: Sams

Some of the things that I really appreciated out of this book:

· This is truly a value-add, especially for a “visual” technology. There are other WPF books that don’t have a single screenshot and it is extremely helpful to have the visual side of WPF represented throughout the book.

· XAML Demystified and Important New Concepts Chapters -- I’m really happy that he did this at the beginning of the book and is where any beginner of WPF or Silverlight (formerly WPF/E) should start the learning process.

- Organized Extremely Well:  It's great if you want to read it from cover to cover or hit a particular topic.  I always give a book the "Index Test" and check to make sure I can easily find the most common WPF topics.

So, be sure to check it out!  Let me know what you think about it too.


Ed B.