August 2011 – New TFS 2010 Power Tools Released

A new TFS 2010 Power Tools release is now available!  As always, I recommend that all team members (including those with only Team Explorer installed) to have the latest version of the TFS 2010 Power Tools installed.

I won’t go into too many details about all of the new features since Brian Harry has done a great job of explaining each of the new features in the release on his blog.  There are a few that are worth noting though!

One of the new features is “Rollback of a Changeset” in the Team Explorer UI.  You have been able to rollback a changeset in TFS 2010 without the Power Tools but it was something that you had to do from the command-line.  Another handy feature is comparing two build definition’s using the tfpt.exe builddefinition /diff tool that is now available.  You can also use tfpt.exe builddefinition /dump to give you a nice listing of all of a build definition’s details.

If you hated having to uninstall a Power Tools release before you could install a new version in the past, we don’t have to worry about it any longer!  You can now fire up the installer for newer versions and it will upgrade the previous version appropriately.  No excuses now for not having the latest version installed. Smile

For all of those that wished they could just search through some work items, we finally have “the search box” that we have all been waiting for!  Look at the help file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools\Help\WorkItemSearch.mht) for some interesting tricks & tips you can use to make searching for work items quicker for you.

Ed Blankenship

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