Creating a Virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot to Share Your Internet Connection

One of my pet peeves is places who charge for Wi-Fi internet access.  Another pet peeve in the same basket is those who make me pay for each device that I want to connect.  Even though more and more locations are starting to offer free Wi-Fi access, I can’t solve the first one.  However, I can attempt to solve the second problem scenario and here’s how…

I pay for internet access on my Windows 7 laptop and then use Connectify to create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot.  What is this Connectify, you ask?

A Windows 7 feature called Virtual Wi-Fi didn’t end up making the cut line for the final release.  We’ll see if it makes it into a future version of Windows.  The cool thing is that the plumbing for that feature did make it into Windows 7 and that’s where Connectify steps in.  You can basically use your Wi-Fi card to create another ad-hoc network that can then be used to share your internet connection.  This even works whenever you are connected to a wireless network for that internet access.  It’s super easy and it’s free.


The one catch is that you need to be running Windows 7 to make it all work.  It works perfectly for most internet connections.  I have noticed that it doesn’t work whenever I’m connected using my Verizon card but that’s the only time I’ve noticed an issue.


Ed Blankenship

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