Team Explorer Included in Visual Studio 2010 Installation

One of the really great things about the Visual Studio 2010 installers is the fact that Team Explorer is installed with all of the Visual Studio editions (except Express.)  This even includes Visual Studio 2010 Test Professional.  In previous versions of Visual Studio, you would have to install Team Explorer additionally after you installed Visual Studio.  Thankfully those days are long past us…

However, if you do have users that only need the functionality of Team Explorer 2010 (like the add-ins and integration for Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Project) then you can download them separately either from MSDN Subscriber Downloads or from the Microsoft Downloads site

Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer on MSDN Subscriber Downloads

Just a reminder, you can download Team Explorer 2010 for free but you still need to make sure that each user has a TFS 2010 CAL (unless they meet certain exclusions.)   If you purchased Visual Studio 2010 with a full MSDN subscription then you already receive a TFS 2010 CAL included.   The complimentary MSDN Essentials subscription that is included with Visual Studio 2010 Professional does not include a TFS 2010 CAL though.


Ed Blankenship

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