TFS Performance Reports Pack

Grant Holliday, former Team System MVP, is now working on the VSTS product group on various things but most importantly helping keep the internal Microsoft TFS servers in tip-top shape.  They have the largest known TFS instances in the world so you could imagine it’s got to be tough keeping it up and running well.  Brian Harry posts their usage metrics regularly if you’d like to get an idea of how HUGE it is.


Keeping the performance manageable requires lots of monitoring and looking over the data that gets stored in the activity logging.  Grant has packaged up some of the reports they use internally and provided them to the world.  The download package is available on his blog post.




Personally, I’m really glad that the product group is investing in dogfooding the early builds of the version of TFS that they are working on.  By putting the product under real use and under the load that only Microsoft can generate, we end up with a better product by the time it RTMs.


Thanks again for making this available to the world!


Ed B.

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