April 2008 CTP Available for Visual Studio Team System "Rosario"

It's finally available!  Seriously - this CTP has quite a bit of features that they have added and you can start to see that VSTS is and will continue to be a strong if not the best ALM offering.  The new features are added to Head over to Jeff Beehler's blog post to find out more details of what has been added...

I haven't picked a favorite feature just yet :)  The three I just really like the most across the whole offering:

  • New Team Build System based on Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Historical Debugging (this will really help with the Debug and Repro scenarios)
  • Great Test Case Management System

Here's a list of all the new features!

Architecture Edition

  • Exploring the existing code structure
  • Designing process flow as activities
  • Designing user interactions with systems
  • Designing system functionality as components
  • Visualizing and designing types in systems
  • Visualizing and designing interaction sequences in systems

Development Edition

  • Simplify Code Analysis rule selection with rule sets
  • Find and fix a bug using the historical debugger
  • Identify the test impact of code changes
  • Find a bug on a separate machine using the standalone debugger

Database Edition

  • Building and using an off-line representation of your operational database as a “sandbox” development environment.
  • Using Data Generation to custom-build data for testing your database application.
  • Making and unit-testing schema and code changes in an off-line environment.
  • Performing static code analysis of your programmability objects.

Test Edition

  • Planning a testing effort
  • Executing manual test cases
  • Verify the fix
  • Automate a manual test and add validation.

Team Foundation Server

  • Managing an Agile schedule
  • Easier reporting from Excel
  • Managing features with the CMMI Process
  • A new Add Files to Source Control wizard and support for drag and drop from Windows Explorer to Source Control Explorer
  • An enhanced, non-modal conflict resolution experience, integrated into the pending changes tool window
  • A new history view that shows labels applied to a file as well as how changes were merged across branches
  • A new automated build system built on Windows Workflow Foundation, featuring dynamic build machine allocation from a machine pool and distributed build functionality
  • Rollback for a check in (currently only available at the command line)
  • Many Source Control Explorer usability enhancements

Be sure to head to their Connect site with your feedback!

Ed B.

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