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Steve Jobs in an interview on the eve of the iPhone launch

What we've done with the iPhone is we've made it so that it will automatically switch to a known Wi-Fi network whenever it finds it. So you don't have to go hunting around, resetting the phone, flipping a switch or doing anything. Most of us have Wi-Fi networks around us most of the time at home and at work. There's often times a Wi-Fi network that you can join whether you're sitting in a coffee shop or even walking along the street piggybacking on somebody's home Wi-Fi network. What we found is the combination is working really well.

"Known Wi-Fi Network" please explain. I would not want my phone connecting to some wireless access point, especially if I will be purchasing products online or viewing my bank details.

"PiggyBacking on somebody's home Wi-Fi Network" Apple thinks this is ok?

Read the whole interview "iPhone 'Surfing' On AT&T Network Isn't Fast, Jobs Concedes"

Tomorrow @ 6pm is the official launch, I sure hope my Stock soars in the morning :)


Ed K.

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