Posters/Diagrams for Team Foundation Server and more...

I found this awesome site of Diagrams/Posters, all of which are free for download. You need to register. Lots of posters in JPEG or PDF format.

Here is a small list of what the site contains:

0202 Microsoft Team System FiFi TroubleShooting (New)
0202 Microsoft Team System Source Structure
0202 Microsoft Team System Branching
0070 Microsoft PowerShell Scripting
0070 Microsoft PowerShell Scripting Cmdlets
0202 Microsoft Team System Editions
0418 WF Posters - WorkflowChanges
0416 WF Posters - WebService
0414 WF Posters - Tracking
0412 WF Posters - SqlWorkflowPersistence
0410 WF Posters - Roles
0408 WF Posters - Queues
0406 WF Posters - Local Services
0404 WF Posters - Correlated Local Service
0402 WF Posters - Compensation
0400 WF Posters - Batching
0202 Microsoft Team System Project Build
0002 Architecture
0004 Best Practices Poster
0006 CSharp Poster
0008 CSharp Poster II
3100 WF Batching
0202 Microsoft Team System Project Capacity Planning
0202 Microsoft Team System Project Panning
0202 Microsoft Team System Project Source Migration
3002 SDLC smartProcess
3004 SDLC Unified Process
3006 SDLC Scrum
3010 SDLC MSF Design
0000 PosterMap
0000 System_NameSpace
0001 Modeling Poster
0206 Microsoft Indigo Attributes Poster

I believe this site is managed by a VSTS MVP from South Africa.

Ed K.

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