It's Alive!

We really apologize about the downtime for the last couple of days.  While we were changing web hosts we thought we would change blogging software and move all of the old blog posts over... Yeah that just didn't work out well.  Then the original dasBlog version we were using wouldn't work... We have had issues with some of the features in the past.

So what did I do????

I'm did the unthinkable... use a pre-ALPHA daily build dasBlog!  Naw, don't worry - it seems pretty stable (The dasBlog web site uses the version we are using: dasBlog 1.9.6315.0)

We're going to use the Akismet service to block comment/trackback spam (which if you didn't know we had turned off all trackbacks and stuff because we got so much SPAM that we still even need to clean up.)  We really HATE SPAM....

It's all turned back on now and we turned off CAPTCHA on the comment entry pages that people just hate.

Everyone is back up and going now so if you happen to find any problems please let us know!

Now, Ed K. is at TechEd 2007 right now and I'll be there later this week on Thursday.


Ed B.

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