Code Snippets Manager not visible in VS 2005 IDE

I ran across the issue of my "Code Snippets Manager" not being visible in my tools menu. I searched the web for an resolution to my problem but just found other people having the same problem with no answer. So I search around the IDE for a while till I found out how to get it added to the tools menu (wasted productivity).

 Here is a screen shot of the tools menu without the "Code Snippets Manager".


To resolve this issue go to the Customize option in the "Tools" menu. Go to the Commands tab and select "Tools" from the listbox. On the right side you will see "Code Snippets Manager", select it and drag it to your "Tool" menu and drop it in to place.



Now you are good to go.


If you hate having to search the IDE for options that you cannot find easily, then hopefully, I have saved you some time :)


Ed K.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2007 11:38:19 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
Thanks, you did save me time!
What's worse is that I had used this option before without manually adding it to the Tools menu (or wherever), but have re-imaged my drive since and reinstalled everything. I'm wondering if the VS SP1 had anything to do with its disappearing act! ;)
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