WalMart Video Download Service "Day One"

Being a huge fan of Vongo, well, at least before they decided to take there time on getting Vista ready, I love being able to download movies. I never have time to watch TV so, having movies on my laptop and portable video player is a beautiful thing. When I heard that WalMart finally launched their video service I was soooooo excited. I rushed home after work and prepped myself for full on "Rocky" movie downloads. The experience was a total let down. Let me show you some screen shots of the adventure.

First of all, it was hard as heck to find the system specs for the service on the website. Once I found them I was presently surprised that it actually stated OS Support "Vista". WOW!!!! A website that really states that they support Vista, very much a rarity. Wait a sec....don't get to excited.....lets try and install the WalMart software.

First I go to download the software with my FireFox Browser:
hmmmm.... not to pretty.

O well lets fire up IE7 and continue on our way:
Looks as if they have had problems in QA with the install blowing up. Nice fail safe WalMart.

Ok cool, our install went ok. Now we have to name our computer for the WalMart download manager.
Well crap, guess we are not going anywhere today.

Lets open up the software that was already installed to see what it looks like:

As expected..... the never ending "trying to connect" cycle.

All and all it was a sad day for Ed K. No "Rocky" movies tonight, I guess "American Idol" is on the schedule for tonight. I look forward to trying this service again soon, I see a very promising business venture here. Nice day one try WalMart.

Ed K.

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