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So I just need to take a minute or two to say a few words about SonicWall. I usually will not get angry with a vendor but this is an exception mainly for the way I have been treated as a customer.

As you know I am a consultant, so I must be on top with the newest and greatest products that are solid i.e Vista. I, of course installed Vista soon as it was available to MSDN subscribers. As an owner of a SonicWall Firewall I am now crap out of luck connecting to my network since the their VPN Client does not yet support Vista. I have called several times to get a status of a beta, so that I could help them perfect the application as well as have a dogs chance of connecting to my servers, I received unhelpful responses such as this "We did not say we were going to support Vista when you bought it", "Would you like a refund?", "Have you tried any other VPN Clients to see if it will connect?" WOW!!!! great responses from a company that is  a world wide leader in firewall products....... Cruse on over to the Sonic Forums and check out all the post of customers posting "We just dropped Sonic and went with Cisco". No not threats but actual actions of product drops. The company has not even responded to any of the posts on the forum....... I must say I posted a few comments as well hoping maybe an executive would check out the forums every once in awhile (you never know).

So your probably thinking..."Well Vista has not been released to the general public yet, that's not till Jan 30. So there still on top of their game"... Hello...... general users are not the ones interested in firewalls. Here is the kicker.....I read that Sonic did say they will have a VPN Client that works on Vista sometime in the late first quarter to early second quarter of 2007. I have no facts on that, just stuff that I have read in several places.

My next firewall will be a Cisco for sure! Yes, Cisco had a beta for Vista out quick, which I used to connect to another network I work with.

So my rant is done... I believe in the consumer speaking out....If your quite, companies will continue to disappoint the consumer with no repercussions.

Ed K.

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