Moving to New Jersey

So it's been known by the other Ed and few choice co-workers... but I'm moving to New Jersey.  Somewhat scary (considering the movers are coming in T-minus ONE WEEK!) and the fact that I know no one in New Jersey except the great people I'm working with.

Oh yeah, I didn't say who I was working with, did I?  I have the privilege to join the Infragistics team!  I'm going to be starting out as the Best Practices Engineer.  Awesome title huh?  Not as cool as say... Codemunicator; but we'll work on it!

It is sad to be leaving Ed K after working together for so long... But we've decided to continue the branding and work together still in the future with our shared interests (what exactly are they?)  Ed's a Data Guy and I'm a UI Guy.... how does that work out?  Well that's what's been so great about our partnership.  I LOVE working with Ed.  He's everything I'm not!  I'm not afraid to take my stupid "Ed my query is taking too long, what's wrong?" questions to him!  (And it's always funny when he brings his GUI's that have like text boxes all over the places with different sizes and not even lined up - you know which ones I'm talking about! Then he asks "There's nothing wrong with it - it's beautiful!)  HA HA :)

How did it all begin?  Well... at the Tulsa Tech Fest in October, Ed K, Tim and I joined Caleb  and the rest of the speakers out to have drinks.  Did I mention how great the group of speakers were?  Anyhow, so I'm sitting with the guys, Ambrose, and Shaun Walker and we're just talking and somehow we start talking about UI or something... after a couple of drinks of course!  I just gave my spiel about UI and if you haven't ever heard it before, then just keep watching for posts; I talk about it all the time!  (Tim and Ed K. are sworn to secrecy about some of the stories that night!)  I stalled for a while since it was the middle of a huge deployment at the client I was at (and still am.)  But seriously... it was a crazy idea for me at the time to move from Texas to New Jersey; a place I had never actually been before.  It's not like I was afraid of the East Coast (I lived/worked in DC for a while a couple of years ago.)  It's just that... well... OK, so I started to get rid of the reasons why I shouldn't move.  I'd like to thank Ambrose for bothering me for several weeks to send my resume to him!  Without it, I wouldn't have come to my senses to accept the position that is most perfect for me.

Visiting Jersey and Infragistics was a lot of fun!  Wait did I just say that?  Seriously, the interviews were fun.  I really enjoyed the talks and the more I was the there the more I knew that I needed to be there.  Great People, Great Environment, Great Job...  I really couldn't ask for more and before I left the building I knew I just needed to figure out how to get through the obstacles (which I did.)  I will be working alongside a ton of great people.  I already told you about Ambrose but if you haven't ever met Jason Beres... wow! Quite the character also.  Being surrounded by really great people who are passionate about the presentation layer is something I know will just help my improve my skills.

I'm having to put a couple of my personal development projects on a hold for right now... I'll pick them back up when I get settled and actually find some friends :)

So I've pretty much three working days left.  It looks like I'm spending the entire time boroughing through the red tape of the Integration Lab to prove that Click-Once deployments are really not.

Now for those of you who always ask me about the "Telerik vs. Infragistics" questions and my opinions about each release from the companies, I have always done my best to stay objective and I plan to.... with reason of course!  There are things about both company's control suites that I love but anyone who has talked to me before knows that I prefer the Infragistics toolset over Telerik any day.  I'm hoping to take what I know about the different companies and make the Infragistics toolset that much better!

Hope everyone has had a Happy Holidays and wish everyone a great new year!  I'll post my new Infragistics blog whenever I get it set up....

Take care,

Ed B.

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