"Rocky Balboa"

I usually do not blog about movies but this is definitely an exception. I grew up watching the "Rocky" saga, I am a die hard fan and seriously look at Rocky as an idol. For years there had been rumors of a Rocky 6 being written but never did I see anything; I felt robbed at not getting a final chapter in the life of the Italian Stallion; I am now satisfied :).

The movie was overall great. The story could have used a little more work to fill in some gaps after Rocky V but it was still a very riveting story line. The acting was good, Sylvester Stallone delivered a realistic character and still had the good 'ol accent we have all grown to love and mock. I was displeased with the absence of a few key characters but surprised at the reentry of some very obscure characters. As you know, the movie always has a big fight scene that the story builds up too but I did not like the camera angles and feel of the frame for the first few rounds, it was kinda like watching boxing on TV, which they have done this in all the movies but this one just took it overboard and lost the movie feeling. During the last rounds they use to much mise en scène, they tried to hard to bring a psychological unity to each frame set. The movie ends a bit different than you would think but, its the final movie, so I expected that. I was pleased with the ending and felt closure with the Rocky chapters. I bid a farewell to Rocky, I have enjoyed sharing in the moments of his climb to fame, fall into retirement and rise in achievement to become a lasting legacy in the hearts of the American people.

I don't want to ruin the movie so I will say no more. Drop your 9 bucks and watch this movie, you will love it :) !

I give the movie two enthusiastic thumbs up! I can't wait to round out my Rocky DVD collection with the last.

  Rocky (1976)                           Rocky II (1979)                         Rocky III (1982)       

  Rocky IV (1985)                         Rocky V (1990)                         Rocky Balboa (2006)

Ed K.

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