Vista Defragmenter

So I installed Windows Vista Ultimate, since I upgraded from Windows Media Center 2002 the first thing I was interested in was to defragment my drive. I must say, I was shocked at the GUI and concept of the new defragmenter. There is no pretty little graphical current and future state progress, there is no "Select drive option" and there is no "view the details" of what could not be defragmented. What I do like is the ability to schedule the process and the fact that is runs as a background service, which is great since I do not have time to sit idle and let it defrag, I need to be working while its working.

I am still in the process of figuring out what software does not work on my box after the upgrade. I am extremely displeased with two companies that did not have their sh#t together for the release of Vista........"VONGO" (Movie download software) and "SONIC WALL" (VPN client)  arrrgggggg.



I found that you can still open your "Computer" and individually select a disk drive to Defrag.

Ed K.

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