Color Theory

So... very cool thing that I saw on Caleb Jenkin's blog the other day.  If you have trouble picking color themes and all that jazz... than here is a site that you can really get some good help from:  Adobe Kuler

There are some really good links that point to some good sites about Color Theory in general.  As a presentation layer designer/developer, it is important to keep in mind what colors you choose and what "meanings" different colors have to different people including different cultures if you are developing software that is used globally.

I personally have a great product that I carry around with that is a bound book of web colors and just web cheat sheets in general.  Plus the owner of the company is just awesome.  Very nice guy and has great customer service...

The other nice thing about the Web Designer's Color Card that I have is that those of us who actually can see all of the colors can be reminded of what those that are color blind can see...  Just another thing to think about when choosing colors for your UI.


Ed B.

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