CodeRush and Refactor Pro!

So many people think that I work for DevExpress because of how much I rant and rave about CodeRush and Refactor Pro!

I'm telling you... CodeRush and Refactor Pro are definitely two of my most favorite tools!  But I really don't work for DevExpress... I'll blog later on both of them and some of the tools that I use from day to day that are built upon DX Core which is the foundation for both of their products and many other small tools.  If you haven't looked in DX Core (which is free) and you build or will build a Visual Studio add-in then you should definitely give it a shot.

My next plan for a coding tool that I could use from day to day is adding comments to code files in the format that I always use.  There is actually a tool that uses DX Core that does this called CR_Commenter but the bad thing:  It's only for C# code.  I thought about rewriting it for VB developers (and myself.)

Ed B.

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