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So this is the other Ed.  Ed B.  The Toy Boy as I am lovingly called.  I suppose I get my nickname because I like new gadgets and gizmos.  I also get my name from the constant search and discovery of new tools and components that make my life (and the rest of our lives) as developers better.

My professional objective in life is to provide more productivity and efficiency to people, developers, and processes.  I won't get all philisophical but I think that is how mankind will prosper :)

Enough of that!  From time to time, I'll add new commentary about new tools that I have found and ones that I use from daily in my developer life and in school.  There are some that I absolutely love more than anything else and just can't live without... some people even think I work for these companies since I am such a proponent! (I don't)

So until later, be more productive and efficient in your development!

Ed B.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006 21:04:53 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
Ed B's true life goal is to see how many copies of CodeRush he can convince developers to buy.... I think he secretly works for devexpress. Ed B why don't you blog about devexpress outstanding products ;)

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