Dallas Code Camp Review

Dallas Code camp was great! Good speakers and awesome content. My only suggestion would be to make the tracks a little longer, I wanted to learn more in-depth and I always ask crazy amounts of questions. I never know if speakers like or hate me when I ask questions, I make ‘em think J.


Anyways, here are the tracks I went to:


Programming with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - David Walker


Good overview as to what to expect with WCF. I like the easy configuration of remoting and the ability to switch to web services. If anyone has done remoting in 1.1, you know the headache of configurations and implementation. WCF looks very promising.


WCF buzz word of the day:







Practical Business Application of DNN - Jason Kergosien


DNN rocks, enough said. I love DNN because it is designed so well and the community support is awesome. I see DNN becoming a huge contender against SharePoint Portal, well, at least the current version of SharePoint. The track offered a very high level view of the features, the main thing I took from this session was the fact that there is a DNN users group here in Dallas J J http://dallas.dnnug.net/. I will be a regular at this group from now on.


I was only able to go to two tracks due to the wife wanting me to spend more time with her and less time with computer stuff…… anyone have that problem?



In closing, great job Dallas Code Camp and great job Omar for making it happen. I look forward to the next one. Hopefully, I will not be so busy with projects that maybe I can be a speaker. Here are the topics that I plan on speaking about when I get the time:


  • Dot Net Nuke
  • Team Foundation Server / VSTS 2005
  • Design Patterns by the Gang of Four
  • Principles of OOP and how it can help achieve a better SOA.



Ed K.


A.K.A. Eddie Kisinger

A.K.A. Edward Kisinger

A.K.A. CodeMonkey


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